We. Do. Epic.

Epic Stories. Epic Shots. Epic Productions. Epic Brands.
We are Lea Creative, Central Florida's premier Video Production Studio.
We bring your vision to life and tell your story, Epically.

Who we are.

We are a synergistic group of Creative Professionals working together to tell stories and create brands that are Epic.
We are headed by James Lea, a Cinematographer/Director of Photography with over 30 years experience and you've seen our work on virtually every network around the world, on the Web, in corporate boardrooms, and even on Imax screens.
Now, it's time to put our Creative Team to work for you!

Did you know?

James Lea, our Cinematographer/Director of Photography has filmed over 200 landfalling hurricanes and tropical storms, including Hurricane Michael in 2018, and logged over 1 million miles in the air?


Our office is conveniently located in central Florida and we typically meet with our clients on-location for their pre-production meetings. Our vast network of location and studio options, actors, models, crew, and creatives allows us to meet our clients' needs on time and on budget. In addition to being a full-service production company, we also provide crew and gear to any type of shoot. Whether you already have concept or you want to collaborate on the creative direction for your project, our experienced team can help prepare your concept for a successful, Epic, production.


Our Synergistic team of talented writers, directors, producers, and cinematographers know how to approach each project of every scale and genre, from single-camera studio interviews, to multi-camera commercial shoots. We take pride in understanding and exceeding our client’s expectations, no matter the time or budget. We provide concept development, storyboards, casting, locations, camera and lighting crews, equipment, and comprehensive production management. Whether you need to promote your image, communicate your vision, launch a new product, or most importantly, share your story, we will help you succeed, Epically.


Lea Creative Group proudly works with some of the best post-production professionals in the industry. Our synergistic team of creative directors, editors, artists and animators all eat, sleep, and breathe post- production. We are passionate about every project. Lea Creative Group offers a full complement of post-production services including editing, visual effects, sound design, and color correction. We use the Adobe Creative Suite of software tools and are committed to providing the highest-possible quality while providing a fresh approach and a unique vision, Epically.


Our synergistic branding partner will help you to grow your company like there’s no tomorrow. Your brand is crucial to your company's long-term success. It attracts notice and shapes perceptions. Our synergistic branding partner's award-winning branding services will equip you with the sophisticated look and tightly focused message of an Epic market leader.

Let's Get Started

We are here to help you every step along the way. Get in touch with us to start your Epic production, today.

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