Why You Should Use Explainer Videos

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Explainer videos are short videos that supplement textual information on websites in an audio-visual form.  Usually ranging in length from one to three minutes, these short videos present information on your business, services, or products in a simplified and fun to watch manner.  Take the example explainer video we found on Wikipedia, for example…

After watching this short video, you should have a better understanding of what explainer videos are.  Now, let’s discuss why you should use them in your marketing.

Firstly, people like to watch videos and millions of people watch them on everyday.  These millions of people represent potential customers for your business.  Secondly, you can deliver your explainer video across a wide range of platforms; including newsletter and networking sites, your blog, your website, and even via email.  These short videos explain things faster and in an engaging way.  Your message gets to your customers quickly and efficiently and your sales increase.  It’s a simple as that.

Lea Creative Group can help you with your explainer video.  Our services are top notch and our prices affordable.  Contact us today to get started!

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