Television Commercial Production in Central Florida

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Film Production Studio Space Opening Soon in Chesapeake, VA

New Film Production Studio space is soon opening in Chesapeake, Virginia.

Television commercial advertising is an important component of a comprehensive marketing plan and every business should consider its use. However, simply putting together 30 seconds worth of video, voiceover, and music is not necessarily the best idea and could lead to a significant waste of money. It is imperative that you work with a production company that understands marketing and has the capability of producing a commercial that not only looks and sounds great, but also brings paying customers into your business.

Choose Lea Creative Group for your Television Commercial Production

Our synergistic Creative Team has a proven track record of producing award winning and effective television commercials. They have over 60 years combined experience producing television commercials and has created spots that have been seen locally, nationally, and internationally. Through a paradigm shift in technology, Lea Creative Group is now able to provide television commercial production in 4K Raw at prices that were incomprehensible just a short time ago. While there may be other studios claiming to be the center of television commercial production in Central Florida and on the East Coast of the US, the best choice is clearly Lea Creative Group.

What sets Lea Creative Group apart from the competition is our keen ability to create the highest quality production in a short amount of time. Let’s take for example, a recent television commercial production that we made for Brain Balance in Virginia Beach, which can be seen above.

Brain Balance Television Commercial Production

Gabe’s father relates how Brain Balance helped his autistic son improve his social skills for the Brain Balance television commercial.

This television commercial focuses on the true-life story of Gabe, an autistic teenager who is being helped by Brain Balance in Virginia Beach. Gabe’s father relates the hurt of discovering Gabe’s autism and concludes his interview with the hope that Brain Balance offers. Interspersed between shots of his father’s interview, we see Gabe working with the Brain Balance staff and, finally, interacting with his family. Gabe’s father speaks about the care and motivation that Brain Balance has provided his son and ends with the phrase, “Brain Balance is Hope.”

Unbelievably, the commercial was shot on the evening of November 16 and then delivered to the client for review just three days after, on November 19. Lea Creative Group specializes in quick turnaround with high quality, and your television commercial with be expertly produced–quickly and cost effectively. Every one of our commercials has exceptional cinematography that, along with customized music and creative scripting, conveys your message and converts viewers into paying customers.

Lea Creative Group is not only on the short list of outstanding television commercial production companies in Orlando and the surrounding area; we now set the standard. Our expertise in marketing and production, combined with our fast turnaround and exceptional quality, allows your business to successfully use television commercial advertising as an integral component to its marketing plan. Contact us to book your next television commercial production today!

The fun commercial below was produced by our Cinematographer/Director of Photography James Lea and his four cute children in preparation for their Doritos Crash the Superbowl contest.  Enjoy!

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