A Training Video is a Very Powerful Tool

Training and learning through the use of video has significant advantages over other media. Think of how many times you searched online about how to prepare a meal or to fix a problem with your car… You probably benefited from video training. However, most training videos on the Internet are of questionable quality. While the information may be correct and relevant, the quality of the video may be lacking, with the program boring and virtually unwatchable. Online video is so widely accessible and easy to create, (anyone can start recording on their phone within seconds) that many people think that they are the next Cecil B. DeMille. But the technical distractions of a poorly produced training video will have a detrimental effect on the message you need to convey. Viewers who are distracted by out of focus shots, camera shake, poor lighting, unintelligible audio, or a myriad of other no-no’s are not going to learn what you want them to learn nor will they have a good impression of your company. Lea Creative Group will make your training video watchable, memorable, and effective.

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One of Our Recent Training Video Projects

Recently, Lea Creative Group completed production on Dogs to Diapers, a training film that teaches expectant parents how to prepare their dogs for the new addition to the family. This important video is sure to help prevent injuries to many children. Watch the film’s trailer below and visit their website and Facebook pages to learn more about Dogs to Diapers.

“…this is a much overdue thank you! Anybody who watches Dogs to Diapers compliments the professionalism and sharpness of the video. Even a dog training video company said that this is the best videoing of dogs that he has seen…”Carrie Silva Woodell, Dogs to Diapers

Six reasons why you should add video to your training program:

trainingvideo2It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words–with this in mind, imagine the impact your training will have with 30 images per second! Scientists have discovered that we remember visual images much more easily than we do words. Pictures, images, and diagrams convey information very effectively and video shows thousands of images per minute.
We have all suffered through PowerPoint presentations with untold numbers of slides with even more untold numbers of bullet points. Admit it, you’ve been tempted to doze off, haven’t you? The reason is you are only using the language processing part of your brain to gather the information. However, when you are being told a story your entire brain is used. Moving pictures engage the motor cortex in addition to the Wernicke’s area, or language processing area. In addition to this, stories are narrative in nature and humans think in narratives constantly. Narrative training videos are incredible teaching tools because they tap into the way we understand and experience the world.
Many times students who participated in fantastic live training need help comprehending a hard to understand concept. Unfortunately, the trainer is not always there to help them. With video training, the trainer is always available. Students are able to rewind and review the training as many times and as often as they need to master the material. Adding to the value of video training is the nearly ubiquitous adoption of tablets and smartphones, which make videos more accessible and training available anywhere, anytime.
Important concepts need to be taught consistently and a training video allows for this. Every team member in every department is trained consistently with a training video. They are hearing one consistent message, which makes sure that everyone is on the same page.
Many people underestimate the entertainment aspect of a training video. Lea Creative Group produces many of our training videos in narrative, dramatic formats because audiences identify with and relate to the message and understand why it is relevant to them. When a training video puts the learning into a situation with which the audience can relate, the topic is more easily understood and applied.

Training videos can convey their messages through humor. If setting a video about teamwork on a deserted island featuring a group of shipwrecked team members excites your audience and engages them, then it is effective. Lea Creative Group’s Synergistic Creative Partners make sure that your content is primary and that the training messages are relevant, tangible, and insightful.

Many people have the misconception training videos must be expensive and time-consuming to produce, but this doesn’t have to be the case. In these times of tight budgets, video can be a cost effective method of communicating with colleagues and clients all over the world, thus saving you money.

Located in Central Florida, Lea Creative Group serves the entire state of Florida; including Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Daytona Beach, DeLand, Orlando, Lakeland, and Tampa/St. Petersburg–as well as the entire East Coast. We also serve clients all around the United States and around the world. Our clients range from service professionals to international corporations and broadcast networks. Each client receives personalized service. Give us a call at (386) 414-0788 to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.

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